A letter from the Managing Director!

Welcome to Le Nguyen Law Firm (“Le Nguyen”) – one of the most prominent Vietnamese law firms with a rich history of growth and accomplishment. We are highly diversified, providing legal advice and litigation services in a wide range of industries. We are often asked what differentiates us from other firms and how do we add real value for our clients?

The answer: We work smarter and more professional.

The attorneys at Le Nguyen focus on a select group of areas of law where we practice with a high level of integrity. With offices in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Hanoi, we have an integrated approach to our legal services that benefits our clients through a culture of collaboration and efficiency. We not only represent clients in Vietnam, but also throughout globally. Le Nguyen is a firm of high integrity and high expectations.

We genuinely love the practice of law. We are passionate in dealings with our clients, the courts, our adversaries and among ourselves. Over the years, as a firm, we have collectively and proudly watched our clients grow. Their legal challenges have constantly evolved and our attorneys have stayed abreast of industry trends and stayed connected with each other, distinguishing themselves by their highly collaborative, cost-effective approach to client work.

I am enormously proud of our legacy and even more excited about our future. From the corporations, financial institutions and government entities who have invested in our legal services to the families and entrepreneurs we counsel every day, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients. The attorneys of Le Nguyen demonstrate our appreciation by providing extraordinary service and an exceptional work product. Whether you are a client, a prospective client or someone who is thinking of joining our firm, I invite you to explore our site – www.lenguyenlawoffice.com and see what makes us special.

We look forward to our continued and successful relationship.

All the best,

Le Thanh Kinh

Managing Director